From April 1, 2021, we will return to a takeout only menu.
Please check our
Facebook or Instagram @stemjapanese for the latest updates and promotions.


Our menu changes daily based on what is in season.
Please read our COVID-19 Measures for Reopening before your reservation.

*Updated on February 7, 2021

From April 1, 2021, we will return to a takeout only menu.
Please check our
Facebook or Instagram @stemjapanese for the latest updates and promotions.


Our menu changes daily based on what is in season. Please read our COVID-19 Measures for Reopening before your reservation.

*Updated on February 7, 2021

Seasonal Favorite

Obanzai Plate — $17

Daily Chef’s Selection Three Kinds of Appetizers

Fresh BC Oyster on Shell

Sun Seeker Oyster from Desolation Sound, BC with Daikon Ponzu, Green Onion
3 pcs— $11, 6 pcs— $19
(Add BC Uni $3.5/pc, Add Sturgeon Caviar $15/pc)

Vegetable Gomaae — $5

Cauliflower & Brussel Sprouts


Yuzu Daikon with Daikon Ankake — $7

Dashi Braised Daikon with Yuzu Zest, Dashi Ankake with Yuba-Tofu Skin

Hannah Brook Farm Sunchoke Age-Dashi — $7

Deep-Fried Dashi-Simmered BC Sunchokes in Soy Dashi Broth

Hokkaido Shirako Agedashi— $18

Cod Milt Deep Fried, Braised Mushrooms, Green Onion, Dashi Soy Broth

Organic Mushroom Salad — $16

Yuzu Soy Sautéed Organic Mixed Mushrooms, Veg Chips, Organic Greens with Sesame Dressing


Assorted Sashimi Salad — $21

Organic Greens, Assorted Sashimi Cubes, Ikura, Tamago, Kaiware, Grapefruits, Seaweed, Dashi Soy Dressing

Cauliflower “Goma Tofu” Agedashi — $10

Made with Arrowroots Powder, Sesame Paste, Cauliflower Puree, BC Smoked Sockeye, Local Purple Daikon, Dashi Soy

BC Octopus & Mochi Kakiage Tempura — $16

Kakiage Style Tempura with BC Octopus, Mochi, Kale, Local Shiitake,”AOSA Seaweed” Dashi Ankake, Wasabi

Brant Lake Wagyu Tataki — $19

Seared and Hay Smoked, Shoots Mix, Quinoa, Watercress, Cherry Blossom, Sweet Onion Ponzu

Bluefin Tuna & Avocado — $24

Bluefin Tuna Akami Sashimi with Nori Soy Sauce

Hay Smoked Sawara Mackerel — $29

Sashimi-Grade Wild Sawara Mackerel from Japan, Sesame Ponzu, Shungiku, Kinzanji Miso, Pine Nuts

BC Uni Shooter — $14

BC Uni, Grated Mountain Potato, Nori Soy, BC Ikura, Quail Egg

Soba Crab Roll — $13

Green Tea Soba, BC Dungeness Crab, Dashi Soy Broth

Miso Cheese Eggplant — $10

Sweet Miso, Mozzarella, Truffle Oil


Onsen Tamago — $8

64°C Free Run Egg, Dashi Espuma, Koshihikari Rice, Kale Stem & Dried Shrimp Furikake, Truffle Oil.


Crab Dashi Maki Tamago — $10

Made to Order, Local Free Range Egg, Snow Crab, Ichiban Dashi, Shungiku


Chawan-Mushi — $8.5

Steamed Free Range Egg Custard, Free Range Chicken, Ebi, Shiitake, Ginko Nuts, Ichiban Dashi

Cream Kabocha & Wagyu Croquette — $12

Local Kabocha Squash, Ground Wagyu, Mushroom Daikon Ponzu

Free Run Mizore Chicken Karaage — $14

Farm Crest Free Run Chicken, Grated Daikon Dashi Vinaigrette

Grilled Miso BC Sablefish Collar — $18

Saikyo Miso Marinated BC Wild Sablefish Collar, Sauteed Kale, Kiriboshi Radish


Chilliwack Natural Pork Jowl — $18

72 hrs Sake Kasu & Saikyo Miso Marinated and Grilled, Sauteed Kale, Wine Pompote BC Pear Puree


Grilled Shoyu Koji Local Duck Breast — $19

Marinated with House Made Shoyu Koji, BC Butternut Squash, BC Leek Puree, BC King Oyster Mushroom

Daikon Beer Pickles — $6

Daikon Radish, Four Winds Pilsner, Japanese Hot Mustard


Agedashi Tofu — $7

Deep Fried Soft Tofu, Dashi Soy, Sweet Soy Braised Mushroom, Green Onion


Sweet Potato — $9

w/Spicy Truffle Aioli

Assorted Seasonal Vegetables — $15

Five Kinds w/Green Tea Sea Salt

Prawn — $13

4pc w/Smoked Local Sea Salt

Staub Gohan

Seasonal ingredients cooked in Staub Cocotte with Dashi & Koshihikari Rice from Niigata

BC Uni, Snow Crab, Organic Maitake, Ginger Yuzu Butter, Pea Shoots — $45

Fannybay & BC Sunseeker Oyster, Hannah Brook Farm Sunchoke, Chilliwack Pork Bacon, BC King Oyster Mushroom, Watercress — $36


Local Duck “Tsuke Men” — $18

Cold Thick Ramen, Warm Local Duck Dashi Soy Broth Dip with Mushrooms, Sliced Duck, Duck “Char-Siu”, Yuzu Zest

BC Kaki Soba — $18

Soba Noodles with Warm Soy Dashi Broth, Assorted Mushrooms, BC Fanny Bay Oyster Karaage, Watercress, Yuzu Zest

Age Onigiri Cha-Zuke — $8

Deep Fried Onigiri -Rice Ball-, Ichiban Dashi Broth, Sour Plum, Kizami Wasabi

Miso Soup— $4 / Osuimono— $4

House Blend Umami Miso, Ichiban Dashi, Tofu, Pea Shoots
OR Ichiban Dashi Clear Soup w/Maitake


Hand Cone Sushi

Hokkaido Hairy Crab & BC Uni — $27

Bluefin Tuna Negitoro — $16

BC Dungeness Crab & Avocado — $14

NZ King Salmon & Mango — $14

Fried Chicken & Truffle Aioli — $11

Nigiri Sushi

8pc Chef’s Omakase Nigiri — $57

BC Uni — $9

Japanese Blue Fin Tuna “O-Toro” — $15

Japanese Blue Fin Tuna “Chu-Toro” — $12

Brant Lake Wagyu w/ BC Uni — $9

Fresh BC Spot Prawn Kani Miso Aburi — $8

Japanese Uwajima Madai Snapper — $6.5

Hokkaido Scallop — $6

BC Spot Prawn — $5

NZ King Salmon Aburi — $5

BC Shoyu Ikura — $5

Whole “Anago” Sea Eel — $14

Fresh Catch Sashimi
*More fresh fish on our weekly special black board

Fresh Catch 5 Kinds Special Sashimi — $72

Fresh Catch 3 Kinds Special Sashimi — $54

Japanese Blue Fin Tuna “O-Toro” — $54

Japanese Blue Fin Tuna “Chu-Toro” — $42

Japanese Uwajima Madai Snapper — $36

NZ Ora King Salmon— $27

Japanese Cured Kinka Saba Mackerel Aburi — $24

More Fresh Fish on our WEEKLY SPECIALS Blackboard.

おまかせコース/Chef’s Omakase Course

The Chef’s Omakase Course is a culinary delight of around 7 courses and changes every day.
Limited to 8 servings per day. 24 hrs advanced reservations are required with a minimum of 2 servings per reservation.

 Chef’s Omakase Course consists of the Chef’s choice of about 7 courses — $90 to $100

* Includes a dessert course.
* Omakase course will take about 2.5 hours serving time.
* Sake & BC wine pairings available.
* Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.

拘りの食材/Premium Kodawari Ingredients

* Premium Koshihikari rice
* Rabbit river farm free-range eggs
* All-natural meat from BC and AB — No antibiotics, No hormones
* Ocean Wise local seafood and fresh fish from Japan
* Organic vegetables & mushrooms
* Organic maple syrup
* Fresh canola oil for tempura
* Dried bonito flake and premium konbu (kelp) for Ichiban dashi broth for all dishes (no MSG)
* Tasty BC wines & premium sake

Kids Menu *available for 12 & under

Cucumber Roll — $3.5

Avocado Roll — $3.5

Tamago Roll — $3.5

Kanpyo Roll — $3.5

Wild Sockeye Salmon Roll — $5.5

BC Albacore Tuna Roll — $5.5

Agedashi Tofu — $4

Dashimaki Tamago Plain — $6

Grilled Wild Sockeye Salmon Yuan yaki (Yuzu soy) — $9

Come with rice, furikake, egg, potato salad, edamame