We Are Open for Takeout – Thank you for your continued support of STEM Japanese Eatery. We are open for takeout only from Wednesdays to Sundays. All pre-orders will receive a 10% discount!

We Are Open for Takeout

Thank you for your continued support of STEM Japanese Eatery. We are open for takeout only from Wednesday to Sunday. All pre-orders will receive a 10% discount!


Our menu changes daily based on what is in season.
This is just a sampling of what we have available each day.


Our menu changes daily based on what is in season. This is just a sampling of what we have available each day.


おばんざい3種盛り/Obanzai Plate — $12

Daily chef’s selection three kinds of appetizers

カリフラワーすり流し西京味噌仕立/Cream of Cauliflower soup — $7

Saikyo miso, cream, Ichiban dashi, Snow crab, truffle oil

枝豆焼きびたし/Edamame Yakibitashi — $5

Charred, marinated in Dashi soy serve chilled

ポテサラ/Potato Salad — $5

QP mayo, free range egg, prosciutto bits, curry takuan

自家製ごぼうキムチ/Gobo Kimchi — $5

Burdock, homemade spicy kimchi paste, katsuobushi

大根ビール漬け/Daikon Beer Pickles — $5

Daikon radish, Kirin beer, Japanese hot mustard


小イカのあたりめ/Dried baby squid — $6

Seared, black garlic QP Mayo

揚げ出し豆腐/Agedashi Tofu — $6

Dashi soy broth, Daikon oroshi, Green onion

GLUTEN FREE – with sweet miso

沖縄県産もずくとローカル蟹/Mozuku seaweed sunomono — $8

From Okinawa, Japan, cucumber, Dungeness crab

茄子チーズ田楽/Miso cheese Eggplant — $9

Deep fried & baked w/sweet miso, mozzarella cheese, truffle oil

地鶏のおんたま/Onsen tamago — $7

64 degree Rabbit river farm free range egg, Dashi espuma, Koshihikari rice, Kale stem & dried shrimp furikake, black truffle oil


アスパラガスの胡麻豆腐揚げ出し//asparagus “Goma Tofu” Agedashi — $8.5

House made “Goma-Tofu” (made w/ arrowroots powder, dashi, asparagus puree, smoked sockeye salmon, pickled onion, cherry blossom

茶碗蒸し/Chawan-Mushi — $8.5

Steamed free range egg custard, free range chicken, ebi, organic shiitake, ginko nuts, premium dashi

出汁巻き玉子/Dashi Omelette — $9

Made to order, local free range egg, Ichiban dashi, “Sakura ebi” dried shrimp, seaweed, mitsuba

胡麻まぐろ/BC Albacore Tuna Gomaae — $10

Sashimi grade BC albacore tuna, Sesame sauce, wasabi, nori

ロブスターの温州和え/Atlantic Lobster Sunomono — $14

Atlantic lobster, orange, seaweed, tosazu (Dashi vinegar) jelly

雲丹シューター/BC Uni shooter — $12

BC Sea urchin, ikura, nori shoyu, yamaimo, quail egg

蕎麦寿司/Soba crab roll — $12

Green tea soba, BC Dungeness crab, Dashi soy broth

生牡蠣/Fresh BC oyster on half shell — *Sun Seeker 3pc-$9.9/6pc-$17.9

Desolation Sound, BC

*The consumption of RAW oysters poses an increased risk of Food-borne illness. Cooking step is needed to eliminate potential bacteria or viral contamination.

お味噌汁/Miso soup — $4

House blend Umami miso, Ichiban Dashi broth,tofu, pea shoots


お吸い物/Osuimono — $4

Ichiban Dashi broth clear soup, maitake, pea shoots, yuzu zest


みどりサラダ/Organic Green salad — $7

Organic mixed greens, shoots, Veg chips, Organic maple soy dressing

茸サラダ/Organic mushroom Sautee salad — $14

Yuzu soy sautéed organic Maitake, shimeji, shiitake, oyster mushroom, organic greens w/sesame dressing


BC鮪のタタキサラダ/BC Albacore Tuna Tataki salad — $15

Truffle mashed potato, organic greens w/ maple soy, Veg chips, Wasabi goma dressing

お刺身サラダ/Sashimi salad — $18

Organic greens, Assorted sashimi cubes, Ikura, Tamago-yaki, Asparagus, kaiware, grapefruits, Ogo seaweed, Dashi soy dressing


地鶏みぞれ南蛮/Free Range Mizore chicken — $12

Deep fried ginger soy marinated local Free range Chicken, grated daikon dashi vinaigrette.

ローカル豚のヒレ串カツ/Chilliwack Pork Tenderloin Skewer — $14

Panko crusted deep fried Local pork tenderloin, black sesame Tonkatsu sauce

地鶏のにんにく照焼き/Free Range Garlic chicken — $14

Pan grilled local free range chicken thigh w/ garlic teriyaki sauce, organic shiitake, Aomori garlic chip

椎茸和牛メンチカツ/Shiitake Wagyu minched Cutlet — $14

Panko crusted stuffed ground wagyu beef in Organic Local Shiitake Mushroom, Shiso, Ponzu sauce, Spicy Yuzu paste

銀鱈カマの西京焼き/Grilled miso Sablefish Kama — $16

Grilled saikyou miso marinated BC Wild sablefish collar

銀鱈幽庵焼き/Grilled BC Wild Sablefish “Yu-an” — $16

20hrs Yuzu soy marinated Haida Gwaii Sablefish, sautéed kale

ローカル合鴨醤油麹焼き/Grilled Yarrow Meadows Duck Breast — $17

Duck marinated w/ house made shoyu koji, BC king oyster mushroom nanban, BC savoy cabbage puree, fried leek

燻製和牛のタタキ/Brant Lake Wagyu tataki — $18

Seared and Hay smoked Brant lake wagyu chuck flat, shoots, organic quinoa, orange parsnip chips, sweet onion ponzu


*アスパラガス/asparagus — $8

w/shrimp salt

*さつまいも/Sweet potato — $8

w/spicy truffle aioli

*海老/Prawn Skewer 4pc — $9

w/ Smoked Vancouver Island Smoked sea salt

*季節野菜盛合/Seasonal assorted Vegetable — $13

Asparagus, Bamboo shoots, local king oyster mushroom, BC Brussel sprout, kabocha squash, green tea sea salt

*リンコッドとローカル牛蒡のかき揚げ/Haida Gwaii ling cod w/local gobo — $16

Kakiage style,, BC ling cod, dried shrimp, local gobo, kale, snow crab & BC stinging nettle, dashi Ankake, wasabi


葱味噌焼きおにぎり/Grilled Onigiri — $7

Grilled rice ball with soy and Scallion miso, 2pc

秋田の手延べ稲庭うどん/Premium Inaniwa Udon — $13

Famous hand crafted premium Udon from Akita. Sesame soy dip for cold, soy dashi broth for hot.

靜岡の茶蕎麦/Premium Green Tea Soba — $11

premium green tea powder from Shizuoka. Serve cold, soy dashi dip, wasabi

鴨せいろ蕎麦/Duck Tsuke Soba — $14

Cold soba, dipped in warm duck dashi soy broth

おまかせコース/Chef’s Omakase Course

The Chef’s Omakase Course is a culinary delight of around 9 courses and changes every day.
Limited to 8 servings per day, 24 hrs advanced reservations are required.

 Chef’s Omakase Course consists of the Chef’s choice of about 9 course — $88

* Dessert is available at an additional $6.
* Omakase course will take about 2.5 hours serving time.
* Sake & BC wine pairing available.
* Please let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.

拘りの食材/Premium Kodawari Ingredients

* Premium Koshihikari rice
* Rabbit river farm free range eggs
* All natural meat from BC, AB — No antibiotics, No hormones
* Ocean wise local seafood and fresh fish from Japan
* Organic vegetables & mushrooms
* Organic maple syrup
* Fresh canola oil for tempura
* Dried bonito flake and Premium Konbu kelps for Ichiban dashi broth for all dishes (no msg)
* Tasty BC wines & premium Sake

Kids Menu *available for 12 & under

Cucumber Roll — $3.5

Avocado Roll — $3.5

Tamago Roll — $3.5

Kanpyo Roll — $3.5

Wild Sockeye Salmon Roll — $5.5

BC Albacore Tuna Roll — $5.5

Agedashi Tofu — $4

Dashimaki Tamago Plain — $6

Grilled Wild Sockeye Salmon Yuan yaki (Yuzu soy) — $9

Come with rice, furikake, egg, potato salad, edamame